Max Hoerantner

Postdoc in RLE

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Office: 13-3150

Maximilian Hoerantner joined ONE Lab in May 2017 as a postdoctoral associate to work on technologies paving the way for perovskite photovoltaic commercialization within the Tata-MIT GridEdge Solar program. Maximilian received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich in 2011 and 2013, where he worked on renewable energy technologies for cars with Prof. Konstantinos Boulouchos and then focused on micro- and nanotechnology in plasmonic applications with Prof. David Norris. He completed his PhD in Physics from the University of Oxford in 2017, where he worked in the group of Prof. Henry Snaith on the development and modelling of novel device architectures for perovskite solar cells. His research included new findings for designs of semi-transparent and back-contacted perovskite solar cells as well as the simulation and optimization of multi-junction devices under real world conditions.

Current Research: Development of scalable high-speed deposition tools for perovskite solar cells
Subgroup: Solar Technologies

Personal Interests: Rock climbing, sailing, data science, poverty prevention, climate change

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