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Park, H., Chang, S., Jean, J., Cheng, J. J., Araujo, P. T., Wang, M., Bawendi, M. G., Dresselhaus, M. S., Bulović, V., Kong, J. & Gradecak, S. Graphene cathode-based ZnO nanowire hybrid solar cells. Nano Lett. 13, 233-239 (2013).
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Chang, L. - Y., Lunt, R. R., Brown, P. R., Bulović, V. & Bawendi, M. G. Low-temperature solution-processed solar cells based on PbS colloidal quantum dot/CdS heterojunctions . Nano Lett. 13, 994-999 (2013).
Supran, G. J., Shirasaki, Y., Song, K. W., Caruge, J. - M., Kazlas, P. T., Coe-Sullivan, S. A., Andrew, T. L., Bawendi, M. G. & Bulović, V. QLEDs for displays and solid-state lighting. MRS Bull. 38, 703-711 (2013).
Arias, D. H., Stone, K. W., Vlaming, S. M., Walker, B. J., Bawendi, M. G., Silbey, R. J., Bulović, V. & Nelson, K. A. Thermally-limited exciton delocalization in superradiant molecular aggregates . J. Phys. Chem. B 117, 4553-4559 (2013).
PMID: 23199223
Jean, J., Chang, S., Brown, P. R., Cheng, J. J., Rekemeyer, P. H., Bawendi, M. G., Gradecak, S. & Bulović, V. ZnO nanowire arrays for enhanced photocurrent in PbS quantum dot solar cells . Adv. Mater. 25, 2790-2796 (2013).
Wood, V., Panzer, M. J., Caruge, J. - M., Halpert, J. E., Bawendi, M. G. & Bulović, V. Air-Stable Operation of Transparent, Colloidal Quantum Dot Based LEDs with a Unipolar Device Architecture . Nano Lett. 10, 24-29 (2010).
PMID: 20028135
Likovich, E., Hummon, M., Narayanamurti, V., Sarathi, T., Bawendi, M. G., Wood, V., Aidala, K. E. & Bulović, V. Charge trap state occupation and energy level in individual CdSe/ZnS and CdSe/CdS core/shell quantum dots . APS Meeting Abstracts (2010).
Zhao, N., Osedach, T. P., Chang, L. - Y., Geyer, S. M., Wanger, D. D., Binda, M. T., Arango, A. C., Bawendi, M. G. & Bulović, V. Colloidal PbS quantum dot solar cells with high fill factor. ACS Nano 4, 3743-3752 (2010).
PMID: 20590129
Geyer, S. M., Allen, P. M., Chang, L. - Y., Wong, C. R., Osedach, T. P., Zhao, N., Bulović, V. & Bawendi, M. G. Control of the carrier type in InAs nanocrystal films by predeposition incorporation of Cd . ACS Nano 4, 7373-7378 (2010).
PMID: 21126000
Osedach, T. P., Zhao, N., Geyer, S. M., Chang, L. - Y., Wanger, D. D., Arango, A. C., Bawendi, M. G. & Bulović, V. Interfacial recombination for fast operation of a planar organic/QD infrared photodetector . Adv. Mater. 22, 5250-5254 (2010).
Panzer, M. J., Aidala, K. E., Anikeeva, P. O., Halpert, J. E., Bawendi, M. G. & Bulović, V. Nanoscale morphology revealed at the interface between colloidal quantum dots and organic semiconductor films . Nano Lett. 10, 2421-2426 (2010).
PMID: 20545311
Walker, B. J., Bulović, V. & Bawendi, M. G. Quantum dot/J-aggregate blended films for light harvesting and energy transfer . Nano Lett. 10, 3995-3999 (2010).
Panzer, M. J., Wood, V., Geyer, S. M., Bawendi, M. G. & Bulović, V. Tunable Infrared Emission From Printed Colloidal Quantum Dot/Polymer Composite Films on Flexible Substrates . Journal of Display Technology (JDT) 6, 90-93 (2010).