Bulk heterojuction solar cells containing 6,6-dicyanofulvenes as n-type additives

Publication Type:

Journal Article


ACS Nano, ACS Publications, Volume 6, Issue 6, p.4671-4677 (2012)




2012, 2013 and earlier


P3HT/PC(61)BM bulk heterojunction solar cells containing varying amounts of different 6,6-dicyanofulvenes (DCFs) were fabricated and characterized.
Photovoltaic cells containing ternary mixtures of P3HT, 0.5 equiv of
PC(61)BM, and 0.5 equiv of 1,4-dimethyl-2,3-diphenyl-DCF (by weight)
displayed average power conversion efficiencies of up to 4.5% under AM 1.5
irradiation, compared to 2.9% for reference P3HT-PC(61)BM solar cells. It
was found that 1,4-dimethyl-2,3-diphenyl-6,6-dicyanofulvene could replace
up to 50 wt % of PC(61)BM in 1:1 P3HT-PC(61)BM solar cells without
sacrificing device performance.