Colloidal PbS quantum dot solar cells with high fill factor

Publication Type:

Journal Article


ACS Nano, ACS Publications, Volume 4, Issue 7, p.3743-3752 (2010)




2010, 2013 and earlier


We fabricate PbS colloidal quantum dot (QD)-based solar cells using a fullerene derivative as the electron-transporting layer (ETL). A thiol
treatment and oxidation process are used to modify the morphology and
electronic structure of the QD films, resulting in devices that exhibit a
fill factor (FF) as high as 62%. We also show that, for QDs with a band
gap of less than 1 eV, an open-circuit voltage (VOC) of 0.47 V can be
achieved. The power conversion efficiency reaches 1.3% under 1 sun AM1.5
test conditions and 2.4% under monochromatic infrared (lambda=1310 nm)
illumination. A consistent mechanism for device operation is developed
through a circuit model and experimental measurements, shedding light on
new approaches for optimization of solar cell performance by modifying the
interface between the QDs and the neighboring charge transport layers.


PMID: 20590129