Color-selective photocurrent enhancement in coupled J-aggregate/nanowires formed in solution

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Nano Lett., ACS Publications, Volume 11, Issue 7, p.2655-2659 (2011)




2011, 2013 and earlier


J-aggregates are ordered clusters of coherently coupled molecular dyes, (1) and they have been used as light sensitizers in film photography due
to their intense absorptions. Hybrid structures containing J-aggregates
may also have applications in devices that require spectral specificity,
such as color imaging or optical signaling. (2) However the use of
J-aggregates in optoelectronic devices has posed a long-standing challenge
(3, 4) due to the difficulty of controlling aggregate formation and the
low charge carrier mobility of many J-aggregates in solid state. In this
paper, we demonstrate a modular method to assemble three different cyanine
J-aggregates onto CdSe nanowires, resulting in a photodetector that is
color-sensitized in three specific, narrow absorption bands. Both the
J-aggregate and nanowire device components are fabricated from solution
and the sensitizing wavelength is switched from blue to red to green,
using only solution-phase exchange of the J-aggregates on the same
underlying device.