Direct patterning of molecular organic materials and metals using a micromachined printhead

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MRS Proceedings, Cambridge Univ Press, Volume 870, p.H1-8 (2005)


2005, 2013 and earlier


Micron-scale lateral patterning of molecular organic thin films is still one of the most challenging issues in the practical fabrication of
pixelated organic light emitting device (OLED) displays. In this work we
demonstrate organic and metal thin film patterning using a micromachined
printhead that modulates the vapor flux of evaporated materials incident
on a substrate. The printhead is integrated with an x-y-z manipulator that
facilitates patterning within a vacuum environment at pressure of less
than 5x10^−6 Torr. This printing scheme enables direct, solvent-free and
mask-free patterning of organic optoelectronic devices on diverse
substrates. As an example we fabricated an OLED array of 30x30 µm Alq3
(tris(8-hydroxyqunolinato) aluminum) pixels. 30 µm wide silver patterns
were also directly written using the same technique. The results show that
this printing method is capable of patterning molecular organic materials
and metals at high resolution (800 dpi).