Electroluminescence from a mixed red-green-blue colloidal quantum dot monolayer

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Nano Lett., ACS Publications, Volume 7, Issue 8, p.2196-2200 (2007)




2007, 2013 and earlier


We demonstrate light emitting devices (LEDs) with a broad spectral emission generated by electroluminescence from a mixed-monolayer of red,
green, and blue emitting colloidal quantum dots (QDs) in a hybrid
organic/inorganic structure. The colloidal QDs are reproducibly
synthesized and yield high luminescence efficiency materials suitable for
LED applications. Independent processing of the organic charge transport
layers and the QD luminescent layer allows for precise tuning of the
emission spectrum without changing the device structure, simply by
changing the ratio of different color QDs in the active layer. Spectral
tuning is demonstrated through fabrication of white QD-LEDs that exhibit
external quantum efficiencies of 0.36% (Commission Internationale de
l'Eclairage) coordinates of (0.35, 0.41) at video brightness, and color
rendering index of 86 as compared to a 5500 K blackbody reference.