Evaporative Printing of Organic Materials at Ambient Pressure using a Micromachined Printhead

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Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Conference, 2007. TRANSDUCERS 2007. International , ieeexplore.ieee.org, p.121-124 (2007)


2007, 2013 and earlier, Biomembranes, evaporative printing, gas phase deposition, Ink jet printing, ink-jet technology, integrated thin film platinum heater, MEMS-enabled technique, microheater, micromachined printhead, micromachining, micromechanical devices, molecular electronics, molecular organic semiconductors, nozzles, optoelectronic devices, Organic materials, organic optoelectronics, organic semiconductors, Platinum, printing, Semiconductor materials, semiconductor thin films, Silicon, silicon membrane, Substrates, vacuum deposition, Vacuum technology, vapor deposition


We present a MEMS-enabled technique for evaporative printing of organic materials which doesn't require a vacuum ambient, has a fast printing rate
(1 kHz), and can be scaled up to an array of individually addressable
nozzles. By depositing the materials directly from the gas phase, without
liquid phase coming in contact with the substrate, we aim at avoiding the
limitations encountered when ink-jet printing organic materials. The MEMS
printhead comports an array of 2 micron pores and an integrated thin film
platinum heater on a silicon membrane for local evaporation of the
materials. This printhead was used, together with ink-jet technology for
the delivery of material to the pores, to print molecular organic
semiconductors. Our technique enables printing of organic optoelectronics
over large areas, and is thus a critical element in the realization of
large-area, high-speed, and low-cost printing of optoelectronics.