Exciton Transport in Nanostructured Solids

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APS Meeting Abstracts, adsabs.harvard.edu (2015)




Transport of nanoscale energy in the form of excitons is at the core of operation of nanostructured optoelectronic devices such as solar cells,
light-emitting diodes and excitonic transistors. Of particular importance
is the relationship between exciton transport and nanoscale disorder, the
defining characteristic of molecular and nanostructured materials. The
talk will present recent advancements in directly visualizing exciton
transport, with spatial, temporal and spectral evolution recorded for
molecular crystals, disordered thin films, and colloidal quantum dot
solids. Our measurements demonstrate that the mechanism of exciton
transport depends strongly on the nanoscale morphology and the design of
nanoscale building blocks. In addition, the talk will show that the
excitonic energy landscape can be directly manipulated in solid-state thin
films using dipole -dipole interactions, which can be increased under
mechanical pressure, or molecular doping with polar molecules, leading to
dramatic shifts in the exciton energy structure.