Geoffrey Supran

PhD Student in Materials Science & Engineering

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Geoffrey Supran matriculated as a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at MIT and joined ONE Lab in September 2009. He obtained a First Class Honours degree (B.A.) in Natural Sciences (physics) from Trinity College, University of Cambridge, in 2009. As an undergraduate and high-school student Geoffrey was fortunate to participate in a number of optoelectronics summer research projects. In 2005, under the supervision of Professor Richard Friend at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, he investigated phase separation in polyfluorene-based electroluminescent spin-cast thin films, with particular emphasis on incorporation of random copolymers into organic LEDs. In the Alivisatos Group at UC Berkeley in 2006, he investigated morphological control in all-inorganic solar cells comprising tetrapod shaped nanocrystals. In 2008 he investigated injection and transport mechanisms of the recombination region of high-efficiency polymer tandem solar cells in the Heeger Group at UC Santa Barbara.

Current Research: Understanding the photo-physics of quantum dot LEDs and applying these underlying principles to the development of novel device structures
Subgroup: Light Sources

Publications with ONE Lab