Graphene cathode-based ZnO nanowire hybrid solar cells

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Nano Lett., ACS Publications, Volume 13, Issue 1, p.233-239 (2013)




2013, 2013 and earlier


Growth of semiconducting nanostructures on graphene would open up opportunities for the development of flexible optoelectronic devices, but
challenges remain in preserving the structural and electrical properties
of graphene during this process. We demonstrate growth of highly uniform
and well-aligned ZnO nanowire arrays on graphene by modifying the graphene
surface with conductive polymer interlayers. On the basis of this
structure, we then demonstrate graphene cathode-based hybrid solar cells
using two different photoactive materials, PbS quantum dots and the
conjugated polymer P3HT, with AM 1.5G power conversion efficiencies of
4.2% and 0.5%, respectively, approaching the performance of ITO-based
devices with similar architectures. Our method preserves beneficial
properties of graphene and demonstrates that it can serve as a viable
replacement for ITO in various photovoltaic device configurations.