Growth and Characterization of CVD Graphene

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APS Meeting Abstracts, (2009)


2009, 2013 and earlier


Large-area ( ˜cm^2) graphene films are grown by ambient pressure chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on evaporated Ni films. We show that proper
engineering of the Ni film properties, such as grain structure and surface
roughness, and the use of ultra-diluted hydrocarbon flow yield films
consisting of 1 to ˜10 graphene layers in thickness. Furthermore, the
produced graphene can be transferred, by wet-etching the underlying Ni, to
a variety of substrates allowing graphene coverage over large areas on
different materials such as glass, polymers or other semiconductors. Raman
Spectroscopy, electron diffraction and transmission electron microscopy
suggest disordered stacking of regions with multilayer graphene. Growth
mechanisms will also be discussed. Opto-electronic properties and
ambipolar transfer characteristics of the produced material is also