Laser action in organic semiconductor waveguide and double-heterostructure devices

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Journal Article


Nature, Nature Publishing Group, Volume 389, Issue 6649, p.362-364 (1997)




1997, 2013 and earlier


Stimulated emission by optical pumping of solid-state organic materials has been well known since the late 1960s following thefirst demonstrations
of laser action in dye-doped gels and molecular crystals1, 2, 3, 4.
Interest in this field has been revived by the demonstration of efficient,
long-lived and intense electroluminescence in both polymeric5 and
small-molecular-weight6 organic thin films, which indicates the
possibility of laser action in these materials. Several recent studies of
optically pumped polymers have reported emission phenomena suggestive of
laser action7, 8, 9. Here we present clear evidence for laser action from
optically pumped, vacuum-deposited thin films of organic molecules, in
both slab-waveguide and double-heterostructure configurations. This
realization of laser action in conducting organic thin films should open
the way to the development of a new class of electrically pumped laser