Lasing through a strongly-coupled mode by intra-cavity pumping

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Opt. Express,, Volume 21, Issue 10, p.12122-12128 (2013)




2013, 2013 and earlier


We demonstrate room temperature lasing through the polaritonic mode of a J-aggregate microcavity in which losses from exciton-exciton annihilation
and slow polariton relaxation typical of direct J-aggregate excitation are
circumvented via intra-cavity pumping. The pumping scheme utilizes an
organic dye layer (DCM) within the cavity with an emission band
overlapping the entire lower J-aggregate polariton branch spectrum, hence
forcing DCM lasing to occur through the strongly-coupled mode. This cavity
architecture, which separates strong coupling and gain into two materials,
presents a general and flexible design for polariton devices and allows
for the use of a wide range of materials, organic and inorganic, to be
integrated into the cavity.