Method for fabrication of saturated RGB quantum dot light-emitting devices

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SPIE Proceedings, International Society for Optics and Photonics, p.108-115 (2005)


2005, 2013 and earlier, Compact discs, Fabrication, nanocrystals, printing, Quantum dot light emitting diodes, Quantum dots


Creation of patterned, efficient, and saturated color hybrid organic/inorganic quantum dot light emitting devices (QD-LEDs) is
dependent on development of integrated fabrication and patterning methods
for the QD layer. We show that micro-contact printing can be applied to QD
deposition, generating micron-scale pattern definition, needed in
pixilated-display applications. We demonstrate saturated color QD-LEDs
with external quantum efficiencies in excess of 1%. Combining this
technique with the use of wide optical band gap host materials, and a new
synthetic route for the creation of blue emitting (CdS)ZnS nanocrystals,
it is now possible to fabricate QD-LEDs with saturated color emission in
the red, green and blue regions of the spectrum.