A Micromachined Printhead for the Direct Evaporative Patterning of Organic Materials

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Journal Article


NIP & Digital Fabrication Conference, ingentaconnect.com, Volume 2006, Issue 3, p.74-77 (2006)


2006, 2013 and earlier


We investigate the use of microsystems (MEMS) in the direct patterning of materials needed for organic optoelectronic devices on large area low-cost
substrates.We present a new high-resolution printing technique for
depositing molecular organic semiconductor materials on substrates. By
depositing the materials directly from the gas phase, without liquid phase
coming in contact with the substrate, we aim at avoiding the limitations
encountered when inkjet printing such materials.One of the main advantages
of this technique is that it does not require a vacuum, which is very
significant for achieving lowcost fabrication.Our micromachined printhead
was used, in conjunction with inkjet technology for the delivery of liquid
phase material, to print patterns of organic material.