Micromachined printhead for the patterning of organic materials and metals

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Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, 2005. Digest of Technical Papers. TRANSDUCERS '05. The 13th International Conference on , ieeexplore.ieee.org, Volume 2, p.1429-1432 Vol. 2 (2005)


2005, 2013 and earlier, active shadow mask, actuation voltage, Actuators, comb drive actuator, deep reactive ion etching, DRIE, electrostatic actuated microshutter, electrostatic actuators, Etching, evaporated material patterning, Fabrication, Glass, glass substrate, Materials testing, metal patterning, microfluidics, micromachined printhead, micromachining, microshutter design, microshutter fabrication, microshutter testing, optical materials, optoelectronic devices, organic compounds, organic material patterning, Organic materials, organic optoelectronic device, pattern printing, printing, Resonant frequency, silicon-on-insulator, SOI wafer, sputter etching, Voltage, xyz manipulator


This paper describes the design, fabrication and testing of an electrostatically actuated microshutter used as an active shadow mask to
pattern evaporated materials. The microshutter and its comb-drive actuator
are built on the device layer of an SOI wafer. Deep reactive ion etching
(DRIE) is used to pattern both the device layer and etch a through-wafer
hole through which the evaporated materials travel. The actuation voltage
of the device is about 30 volts, its resonant frequency is several kHz.
The microshutter integrated with an x-y-z manipulator was used to print
patterns of organic material and metal on glass substrates in vacuum with
a resolution of 30 microns. This printing scheme could enable the
patterning of large area organic optoelectronic devices on diverse