Micromachined Printheads for the Evaporative Patterning of Organic Materials and Metals

Publication Type:

Journal Article


J. Microelectromech. Syst., ieeexplore.ieee.org, Volume 16, Issue 2, p.394-400 (2007)




2007, 2013 and earlier, Actuators, Apertures, electrostatic actuation, electrostatic actuators, evaporative patterning, Fabrication, Glass, Materials testing, metals, microfabrication, micromachined printheads, micromachining, Optical arrays, organic compounds, Organic materials, printing, Resonant frequency, thin film deposition, thin film devices, thin-film deposition, Voltage


This paper describes the design, fabrication, and testing of electrostatically actuated microshutters used as active shadow masks to
pattern evaporated materials. The fabricated microshutters can obstruct a
25-mum-wide aperture at an actuation voltage of 90 V, with a resonant
frequency of 4 kHz due to a 400-mum-long actuator. The microshutters
integrated with an x-y-z manipulator were used to print patterns of
organic material and metal on glass substrates in vacuum with a pixel size
of 25 mum. The maximum resolution achievable with this setup is 800 dpi,
and we printed active organic light-emitting device arrays of 400 dpi
resolution. This printing scheme could enable the patterning of large-area
organic optoelectronic devices on diverse substrates