Micropatterning metal electrode of organic light emitting devices using rapid polydimethylsiloxane lift-off

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Journal Article


Appl. Phys. Lett., AIP Publishing, Volume 91, Issue 4, p.043102 (2007)




2007, 2013 and earlier


The authors demonstrate a subtractive stamping technique for patterningmetalelectrodes of organic light emitting devices. Patterning is
achieved by placing a relief patternedpolydimethylsiloxane stamp in
contact with a planar metalelectrodefilm and subsequently peeling off the
stamp. A fast peel rate increases the weak adhesion energy of the stamp to
the metal so that no surface treatment, pressure, or temperature control
is necessary to lift-off the metalfilm in contact with the stamp.
Patterning is dependent on metalfilm thickness, geometry of the features,
and peel direction of stamp release. The minimum feature size patterned is
13 μ m wide stripes within < 1 μ m in-plane edge roughness and 0.1 μ m
height transition region of the patterned edge.