Mixed-Signal Organic Integrated Circuits in a Fully Photolithographic Dual Threshold Voltage Technology

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Journal Article


IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, ieeexplore.ieee.org, Volume 58, Issue 3, p.865-873 (2011)




2011, 2013 and earlier, analog organic integrated circuits, comparator, Comparators, comparators (circuits), Current measurement, differential amplifier, differential amplifiers, Digital integrated circuits, digital logic, digital organic integrated circuits, dual threshold voltage technology, frequency 1.7 Hz, Inverters, latching, logic circuits, mixed analogue-digital integrated circuits, mixed analog–digital integrated circuits, mixed-signal organic integrated circuits, operational amplifier, operational amplifiers, operational amplifiers (op-amps), organic compounds, Organic thin film transistors, oscillators, p-channel organic technology, photolithography, ring oscillator, Ring oscillators, scalable patterning, Semiconductor device measurement, thin-film transistors (TFTs), time 119 ms, voltage 5 V, Voltage measurement


Analog & digital circuits implemented in a dual threshold voltage (VT) p-channel organic technology are presented. The dual VT organic technology
is compatible with large-area and mechanically flexible substrates due to
its low processing temperature (≤ 95°C) and scalable patterning
techniques. We demonstrate the first analog & digital organic integrated
circuits produced by a dual-gate metal process. The analog circuits are
powered by a 5-V supply and include a differential amplifier and a
two-stage uncompensated operational amplifier (op-amp). A dynamic
comparator is measured to have an input offset voltage of 200 mV and
latching time of 119 ms. Both the comparator and the op-amp dissipate 5 nW
or less. Area-minimized digital logic is presented. Inverters powered by a
3-V supply were measured to have positive noise margins and consumed
picowatts of power. An 11-stage ring oscillator, also powered by a 3-V
supply, swings near rail to rail at 1.7 Hz. These results demonstrate dual
threshold voltage process feasibility for large-area flexible mixed-signal
organic integrated circuits.