Narrow-band absorption-enhanced quantum dot/J-aggregate conjugates

Publication Type:

Journal Article


J. Am. Chem. Soc., ACS Publications, Volume 131, Issue 28, p.9624-9625 (2009)




2009, 2013 and earlier


We report narrow-band absorption enhancement of semiconductor nanocrystals via Förster resonance energy transfer from cyanine J-aggregates. These
J-aggregated dyes associate electrostatically with short quantum-dot (QD)
surface ligands in solution. Energy transfer efficiencies approach unity
for this light sensitization and result in a 5-fold enhancement in the QD
excitation near the J-aggregate absorption maximum. Because a thin layer
of J-aggregates attenuates the same amount of light (at peak absorbance)
as a far thicker film of monomer dye, these absorption-enhanced materials
may have applications in light-sensitizing applications such as
photodetection and optical down-conversion.