Optical switching in an organic semiconductor microcavity in the polariton regime

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Quantum Electronics and Laser Science, 2003. QELS. Postconference Digest, ieeexplore.ieee.org, p.2 pp.- (2003)


2003, 2013 and earlier, cyanine J-aggregates, delocalized excitons, Dielectric thin films, excitons, femtosecond excitation pulses, high-speed optical techniques, low-loss dielectric mirrors, microcavities, Mirrors, near resonant excitation pulses, nonlinear optical response, Nonlinear optics, Optical coupling, Optical films, Optical modulation, optical switches, optical switching, organic semiconductor microcavity, organic semiconductors, polariton Rabi splittings, polariton regime, polaritons, Pulse modulation, semiconductor thin films


Nonlinear optical response is reported in organic semiconductor microcavities operating in the strongly coupled polariton regime, with
thin films of cyanine J-aggregates sandwiched between low-loss dielectric
mirrors. The delocalized excitons are subject to large polariton "Rabi"
splittings and modulated by near resonant fsec excitation pulses.