Organic Electronic Device Modeling at the Nanoscale

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Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-aided Design , ACM, p.832-833 (2006)


2006, 2013 and earlier, device modeling, molecular, nanoscale, organic


Electronic devices with nanoscale features (~ 100 nm or smaller) are becoming increasingly important in electronics technology. While nanoscale
electronic devices comprise a variety of different material sets and
structures, many of the nanoscale devices developed in the last decade
employ organic materials. In this talk, we discuss the modeling of organic
electronic thin film devices. In our approach, analysis of such devices
begins on the molecular scale, and device level behavior is then derived
from the combination of individual molecular properties and physical
models of intermolecular interactions. We present a general purpose Monte
Carlo simulator based on molecular-scale physical models and employ this
simulator to analyze device behavior.