Patterned removal of molecular organic films by diffusion

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Langmuir, ACS Publications, Volume 27, Issue 15, p.9073-9076 (2011)




2011, 2013 and earlier


We demonstrate that "contact patterning" subtractively patterns a wide range of molecular organic films of nanoscale thickness with
nanometer-scale accuracy. In "contact patterning", an elastomeric stamp
with raised features is brought into contact with the organic film and
subsequently removed, generating patterns by the diffusion of the film
molecules into the stamp. The mechanism of material removal via diffusion
is documented over spans of minutes, hours, and days and is shown to be
consistently repeatable. Contact patterning provides a
photolithography-free, potentially scalable approach to subtractive
patterning of a wide range of molecular organic films.