Photo-assisted water oxidation with cobalt-based catalyst formed from thin-film cobalt metal on silicon photoanodes

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Journal Article


Energy Environ. Sci., Royal Society of Chemistry, Volume 4, Issue 6, p.2058-2061 (2011)




2011, 2013 and earlier


Integrating chemical catalysts for water splitting with photoanode materials is a longstanding challenge in demonstrating light-assisted
water oxidation, a process which can be used for the generation of solar
fuels. In this work we use a silicon photoanode as a substrate for
processing cobalt metal films to form a cobalt-based water oxidation
catalyst (Co–Pi) integrated with the silicon photoanode. The Co–Pi coated
photoanodes show catalytic onset at 0.85 V under illumination, which is
better than silicon photoanodes coated with ITO and solution-deposited
Co–Pi (catalytic onset at 1.05 V) and significantly better photoanodes
with only ITO contacts (catalytic activity onset at 1.6 V).