Planarization in Electrochemically Fabricated Nanodimensional Films

Publication Type:

Journal Article


J. Phys. Chem. C, ACS Publications, Volume 112, Issue 19, p.7318-7325 (2008)


2008, 2013 and earlier


Recent demonstrations of electrochemical fabrication of nanodimensional, alternating metal and metal oxide films open a pathway to nanoscale
templating with high-quality interfaces and high uniformity over
macroscopic surface areas. Planarization during electrochemical oxidation
is the critical enabling feature of this growth process. Here we present a
theory and simulation of this planarization phenomenon applicable to a
wide range of initial surface profiles and material systems. We describe
the impact of different system parameters on the rate of planarization for
both the exposed oxide surface and the internal metal oxide interface.
Finally, we show that our simulations are consistent with experimental
measurements of Ta2O5 electrochemically grown on Ta thin films.