Polymer-on-Polymer Stamping on Micro-and Nano-Scales

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MRS Proceedings, Cambridge Univ Press, Volume 736, p.D6-2 (2002)


2002, 2013 and earlier


The goal of the project was to determine whether PDAC (poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride), also abbreviated PDADMAC) could
be printed reproducibly to create patterns with a sub-micron resolution.
PDAC was stamped onto bare silicon using PDMS stamps having features only
about 150 nm wide. A variety of aqueous PDAC inks were tried, to study the
effect of concentration and ionic strength on the pattern produced. In
order to get good prints, new stamping techniques were also required. A
rigid stamping apparatus was built to ensure steady placement, and the
stamps were spin coated with a different ink solution to produce thin,
even coats of ink. [1] Using these methods, the pattern transferred.