Quantum dot/J-aggregate blended films for light harvesting and energy transfer

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Nano Lett., ACS Publications, Volume 10, Issue 10, p.3995-3999 (2010)




2010, 2013 and earlier


This paper describes the solution preparation of thin films composed of quantum dots and thiacyanine J-aggregates, making use of the size tunable
emission of quantum dots and the narrow, intense absorption of
J-aggregates in the solid state. These blended films exhibit 90% energy
transfer efficiency from J-aggregates to quantum dots and can uniformly
cover a large area. Because the presence of the J-aggregates enhances the
QD photoluminescence intensity by 2.5-fold over QDs alone, these solid
state materials may be useful in downconversion applications or in
fundamental investigations of light harvesting.