Reliability and degradation of organic light emitting devices

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Appl. Phys. Lett., AIP Publishing, Volume 65, Issue 23, p.2922-2924 (1994)




1994, 2013 and earlier


We present a simple encapsulation technique for organic light emitting devices(OLEDs). By studying the degradation of a population of OLEDs, we
show that the lifetime of encapsulated devices is increased by more than
two orders of magnitude over that of unencapsulated devices. In both
cases, degradation is primarily due to the formation of nonemissive
regions, or dark spot defects. By studying the structure and evolution of
the dark spots, we infer that the growth of electrode defects limits
device lifetime. Hermetic packaging of OLEDs is essential if they are to
be used in commercially viable flat panel displays.