Transfer-printed composite membranes for electrically-tunable organic optical microcavities

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Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), 2014 IEEE 27th International Conference on ,, p.1217-1220 (2014)


2014, Cavity resonators, composite membrane, dynamic tuning, electrically-tunable organic optical microcavities, electrostatical actuation, integrated optics, integrated optoelectronics, integrated organic microoptoelectromechanical system, membranes, micro-optomechanical devices, microfabrication, micromechanical devices, MOEMS cavity fabrication, optical characterization, Optical device fabrication, optical fabrication, Optical filters, optical interferometry, optical output spectra, Optical resonators, Optical sensors, optical tuning, solvent-free additive transfer, transfer-printed composite membranes, voltage 50 V


We demonstrate a method for fabricating organic optical microcavities which can be electrostatically actuated to dynamically tune their optical
output spectra. Fabrication of an integrated organic
micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS) cavity is enabled by the
solvent-free additive transfer of a composite membrane. Electrical
actuation and optical characterization of a completed cavity show
resonance tuning greater than 20 nm for membrane deflections of over 200
nm at 50 V.