Tunable threshold voltage and flatband voltage in pentacene field effect transistors

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Journal Article


Appl. Phys. Lett., AIP Publishing, Volume 89, Issue 11, p.112109 (2006)




2006, 2013 and earlier


Charged interface states are introduced by UV-ozone treatment of a polymer gate dielectric, parylene, prior to deposition of the organic
semiconductor, pentacene, thereby modifying the organic field effect
transistor(OFET) operation from enhancement to depletion mode. Quasistatic
capacitance-voltage measurements and the corresponding current-voltage
characteristics show that the threshold voltage V T and flatband voltage V
FB can be shifted by over + 50 V , depending on the ozone exposure time.
This work demonstrates that careful control of the semiconductor-insulator
interface state densities is essential to V T and V FB control and the
fabrication of reliable OFET integrated circuits.