Ultracompact low-threshold organic laser

Publication Type:

Journal Article


ACS Nano, ACS Publications, Volume 8, Issue 11, p.11080-11085 (2014)




2014, Alq3:DCM, nanobeam cavities, nanolasers, organic laser dye, photonic crystal


We report an ultracompact low-threshold laser with an Alq3:DCM host:guest molecular organic thin film gain layer. The device uses a photonic crystal
nanobeam cavity which provides a high quality factor to mode volume (Q/V)
ratio and increased spontaneous emission factor along with a small
footprint. Lasing is observed with a threshold of 4.2 μJ/cm(2) when pumped
by femtosecond pulses of λ = 400 nm wavelength light. We also model the
dynamics of the laser and show good agreement with the experimental data.
The inherent waveguide geometry of the structure enables easy on-chip
integration with potential applications in biochemical sensing, inertial
sensors, and data communication.