Using Integrated Optical Feedback to Counter Pixel Aging and Stabilize Light Output of Organic LED Display Technology

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Journal Article


Display Technology, Journal of,, Volume 4, Issue 3, p.308-313 (2008)




2008, 2013 and earlier, active matrix OLED displays, counter pixel aging, Display, display light output, half-life, integrated optical feedback, integrated optoelectronics, lifetime, novel integrated configuration, OLED operational instability, optical feedback, optical feedback technique, organic LED (OLED), organic LED display technology, Organic light emitting diodes, passive matrix OLED displays, reliability, stability, stable operating lifetime


We define a metric of useful operating lifetime of an organic light-emitting device (OLED) display and relate it to the commonly
measured half-life of constituent OLED pixels. We enumerate sources of
OLED operational instability and propose an optical feedback solution in a
novel integrated configuration to counter pixel aging and maintain stable
light output across all of the pixels of an OLED display. Such optical
feedback can correct pixel imperfections in both active matrix and passive
matrix OLED displays. As an example, we analyze lifetime data previously
published by Kwong et al., in 2002, and demonstrate that our optical
feedback technique could maintain 100 cd/m2 display light output within a
2% brightness accuracy for more than 25 000 hours of continuous use for
this specific OLED system. From this example we draw conclusions generally
applicable to extending stable operating lifetime of other OLED