Andrea Maurano

Visiting Scientist at RLE

Andrea Maurano image

Office: 13-3078
Phone: 617.542.3181

Andrea Maurano joined ONE Lab in 2011 as a postdoctoral associate. He earned his Master degree in Physics at the Federico II University in Naples, Italy to then receive his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Imperial College London in the groups of Profs. James Durrant and John deMello. During his PhD he investigated recombination mechanisms that limit the performance of polymer solar cells. He then joined as a postdoc Merck Chemicals research labs in UK to study inverted structures for polymer solar cells. He is now visiting scientist in our lab and working with Samsung Electronic for the next-generation electronic device.

Current Research: Fabrication of nanostructured electronic devices consisting of colloidal quantum dots
Subgroup: Solar Technologies

Publications with ONE Lab