Ella Wassweiler

PhD Student in EECS
MIT Energy Fellow

Ella Wassweiler image

Email: ellawass@mit.edu
Office: 13-3074
Phone: 617-452-5403

Ella Wassweiler joined ONE Lab in July 2016 as a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at MIT.  While earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Iowa, Ella worked on designing high performance III-V optoelectronics with Prof. Fatima Toor.  As a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholar she developed a hardware based random number generator for internet security applications.  In addition, through two NSF-REU programs, Ella implemented new methods of transferring graphene and created a circuit to stimulate and read brain impulses in real time.

Current Research: Design and fabrication of quantum dot optoelectronic devices
Subgroup: Solar Technologies

Publications with ONE Lab