Farnaz Niroui

PhD Student in EECS

Farnaz Niroui image

Email: fniroui@mit.edu
Office: 13-3145
Phone: 617-324-8110

Farnaz Niroui joined ONE Lab in August 2011 as a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering. She received her B.ASc in Nanotechnology Engineering from University of Waterloo in 2011. Prior to joining ONE Lab, Farnaz worked on developing flexible glucose sensors based on ZnO nanostructures and fabricating MEMS-based supercapacitors at University of Waterloo. At Sunnybrook Research Institute, she focused on developing multimodal contrast agents with imaging and therapeutic capabilities. In the laboratory of Professor Robert Langer at MIT, Farnaz worked on developing biomaterials and nanoscale systems for efficient DNA and siRNA delivery.

Current Research: Design, fabrication, and characterization of electronic and optoelectronic devices operating based on mechanically active nanostructured components
Subgroup: Nanomechanics, Excitonics

Publications with ONE Lab