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Obama visits the lab

We are Large-area Nanotechnologists developing practical optoelectronic devices from physical insights discovered at the nanoscale. Our work demonstrates that molecules, polymers, and colloidal quantum dots can be assembled into large-area optoelectronic devices that outperform today's state of the art. By combining our understanding of the physics of nanoscale devices with novel techniques for the thin-film processing of nanomaterials, we launch new technologies and dare to glimpse into the polaron and exciton dynamics that govern our quantum world.

Quantum Dot Optoelectronics

Large Area

Light-Matter Coupling


Highlights From Our Group

April 2014 - Congratulations to Dr. Jill Macko on successfully completing her Ph.D. defense

Ocober 2013 - Prof. Bulovic named the Associate Dean for Innovation in the School of Engineering

Ocober 2013 - Prof. Bulovic to co-lead the MIT Innovation Initiative

August 2013 - Congratulations to Dr. Gleb Akselrod on successfully completing his Ph.D. defense

June 2013 - Congratulations to Dr. Yasu Shirasaki on successfully completing his Ph.D. defense

February 2013 - ONE Lab members, as a part of the ENI-MIT Solar Frontiers Center, highlighted in the Italian press (see La Repubblica and Sky News websites)

October 2012 - Congratulations to Joel Jean on receiving the Best Poster Award at the MITEI Energy Research Conference

February 2012 - Congratulations to Dr. Tim Osedach on successfully completing his Ph.D. defense on "Colloidal Quantum Dots and J-Aggregating Dyes for Infrared Photodetection"

January 2012 - Prof. Bulovic shares the SEMI Award as part of the QD Vision research team advancing quantum dot research

October 2011 - Prof. Bulovic named MTL Director

Our work highlighted

May 2014 - Improving a new breed of solar cells @ MIT News
April 2014 - Excitons observed in action for the first time @ MIT News
March 2013 - New solar cell design based on quantum dots and nanowires @ MIT News
July 2011 - Printable solar cells @ MIT front page
June 2011 - Water oxidation @ MIT front page
April 2011 - Transparent solar cells @ MIT front page

President Obama visits our lab

Energy Studies Minor

Vladimir Bulovic on
OLED Displays

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