Light plays an increasingly important role in modern technology. It carries information in many forms, from the emerging field of photonic integrated circuits to well-established markets such as displays for electronic devices or imaging and sensing technology for medical, industrial, military, and scientific applications.

In our attempts to improve and innovate, we build on our ability to manipulate light in novel ways, using new materials such as colloidal quantum dots, perovskite semiconductors, and two-dimensional materials. Our projects span a broad range from fundamental to applied science. We use light to probe the charges and excitonic states of a material, and study the decay processes or other interactions. By understanding the physics of these materials, we can design devices with enhanced optical properties and invent novel devices such as low threshold lasers, all-optical switches, and super-bright LEDs.

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Charge Transfer Dynamics

Electrically Tunable Lasers

Photonic Crystal Lasers